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[4] Finding and Joining Communities!

Hello! Look at all of you wonderful people! Welcome to tipoftheday. Sorry I haven't been posting much. I wanted to make the first tip post-spotlight absolute quality for you. Like a fine pair of designer jeans. Mmm.

The word of the day is community!

LiveJournal isn't just about keeping your own journal with your friends -- it also gives you the opportunity to be a part of journaling communities. Communities are a convenient spot to meet friends, learn new things about a topic, and have interesting discussions with interesting people.

First, to find a community...

One of the easiest ways to do this is through looking at Interests. If you added interests on your profile, you'll probably see they've turned into links:

Click on one of them to see other users and communities that share that interest.

You can also search for communities by interest in the top right corner of any of the official LiveJournal pages.

If you have a Paid Account, you can also search for communities using the Advanced Search, also known as the Directory.

Finally, there are two communities that are just about communities. community_promo is where you can find people announcing new communities or reviving interest in old communities, and community_quest is where you are welcome to ask for help in finding a community.

Now that you've found the perfect community -- we'll pick on lj_spotlight -- you have to join it to become a member.

On the community profile page, you'll find a link which reads "To join this community, click here."

When you click that link, one of three things will happen, depending on the community you've selected to join:

1) If it's open membership, you'll get a confirmation page that you have to accept, and then after you click the button you're automatically a member.

2) If membership is moderated, your membership request will be forwarded to the maintainers, who will either accept or deny your request. You'll get an email letting you know which.

3) You'll get a page that says the community is closed, and you won't be able to join.

Once you're a member of a community, take a moment and look around. Many communities have guidelines on what type of entries you can post to it, so please check for those too. If all members are allowed to post to the community, here are some instructions for posting so you can get started.

If you don't find the community you're looking for? You can always start your own! But that's another topic for another day...

If you have questions about finding or joining communities, you're welcome to comment! If you have questions about something else, please see our community profile for ways that you can get help using your new journal.

A warm "baaaah" -- that means "thanks" -- to my friends Gina, Jennifer, and the rest of the volunteer documentation admins for helping with today's entry! A number of volunteers help get these drafts prepared every week and I couldn't be your goatly guide without them! I give them two hoofs up.

Monday's tipoftheday preview: the elusive and wily lj-cut. See you then!
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