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Frank the Goat

[5] Using lj-cut

So you're reading your friends page, and suddenly you see something like this:

When you click on the link, it brings you right back to the person's own entry. It's a neat trick for hiding spoilers or large pictures so that people won't see them when they read your entries on their Friends pages, but will still see the full post after they've clicked the link.

It's easy to do this in your own journal, once you've learned the code. Just enter this where you want the page to "cut":


You can close the cut if you want to have un-cut text afterwards. Just type:


after you're done with the text you want cut. If you do it this way, you'll get a "Read More" link that hides the text that you chose to cut. You can change this link text by using the following code instead:

<lj-cut text="Click this link!">

That code will make a handy link that says: "Click this link!"

Important note! If you're using the rich text editor, you can't enter that code, or any code to change the appearance of your text. The rich text editor will ignore any code that you've entered into the update box.

To do an lj-cut in rich text, just highlight the text that you want to cut, and click on the lj-cut button:

You'll get a pop-up window that asks if you want to change the text of the link, and then the lj-cut will appear when you post the entry. It's easy and you don't have to remember the code for it! (There's currently a bug with lj-cutting pictures in this way, but you can work around this by adding in the pictures after you've lj-cut the text you want to hide.)

Please comment if you're having trouble with lj-cuts. If you have questions about other things, please see our community profile for ways that you can get help using your new journal.
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