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[7] Using the Navigation Strip

Today's tip is going to focus on that gray or black bar at the top of this screen, when you're visiting tipoftheday itself. It's called the Navigation Strip. Using this feature, you can always have links at hand to get back to your journal in case you're out exploring other people's journals.

If you don't have it turned on and want to test it out, you turn it on or off by visiting:

Here, you can change its color (black or gray) and you can also set its viewing options. You have two choices for viewing the Navigation Strip: you can set it to where it's visible on your journal all the time to everyone who views your journal, or you can set it so that you only see it when you're logged into your account.

Let's talk now about what you can do when you have the Navigation Strip turned on:

  • You can have a "logout" button on every page of the site! This will help if you're frequently in a situation where you'd need to log out in a hurry.

  • Have you ever completed reading your Friends Page, but later discovered that you weren't logged in, thereby missing half the entries? If you have the Navigation Strip turned on all the time, you'll not only see right away that you're not logged in, but have a place where you can log back in.

  • You'll have easier access to the "Update Journal" and "MyLJ" pages, for a hasty update in case you read something that you want to talk about.

  • You can tell at a glance whether or not someone is on your friends list, or has you listed as a friend. There will also be a link to manage your friends in case you decide to change how you've got the person listed.

  • If you have it turned on while visiting a community you maintain, you'll have convenient links to change the community's profile or settings, or edit the membership list.

Questions about using the Navigation Strip? Please comment! If you have questions about other things, please visit our community profile for ways that you can get help using your new journal.

UPDATE: My good buddy ljkrissy together with anildash from Six Apart put together a Flash tutorial about this.

(Two hooves up to jennifer for her help in preparing today's tip! See my userpic for actual footage of the two hooves up.)
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