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Frank the Goat

[02] Adding Friends and Using your Friends Page

Chances are very good that you're reading me right now on your Friends Page! But if not, go through these steps:

  1. Click here!

  2. Click "Add" to confirm.

  3. Click the "friends page" link to go to your Friends Page.

You should see entries from tipoftheday on this page! (If not, you may need to refresh the page, or clear your browser's cache.)

If you want to add a real person, there are a couple of ways you can do it, but here is the easiest:

  1. Find out their username. If you can't find it through LiveJournal's searches, you may need to ask the person what it is. (Take note: most of the short names like "erin" and "jennifer" were taken long ago, so chances are your friend's username is different from their real name.)

  2. Go to their profile page. You can get there by going to, replacing "exampleusername" with the username of your friend.

  3. Click on this button here:

  4. Click "Add" to confirm.

You're done! Now, the next time your friend posts an update that you have permission to read, you'll see it on your Friends Page.

Calling somebody a "friend" means two major things: You get to read their entries on your Friends Page, and they get access to any entry that you mark with a "Friends" security setting. Any entry you mark as friends-only will be hidden from the public, and only those people who you've added to your Friends List will be able to see them.

(Don't worry: adding communities like this one to your Friends List won't let the members or the maintainers see your protected entries.)

LiveJournal Friends don't necessarily have to be "friends", they can just be people you find interesting who you don't mind being able to read your friends-only entries. Of course, it is up to you who you want to add, based on what you like to read and what you like to write about.

If you have questions about adding friends or seeing your Friends Page, you're welcome to comment! If you have questions about something else, please see our community userinfo for ways to get help using your new journal.
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